Charities and nonprofits will never be in a position where they need less money. Governments are reducing their grant funding and donors are becoming more selective. The COVID-19 pandemic has only strained this further. It is within this disrupted climate that nonprofits find themselves, and are now starting to ask – “What will fundraising be like in a post-pandemic world?”

Join Richard Walker, a Senior Partner with Global Philanthropic Inc. (Canada) and one of the founding consultants behind what is now recognized as Canada’s largest and best fundraising consultancy, for this engaging and insightful look at fundraising in a post-pandemic world. In this webinar, Richard will delve into the shift away from grant and event focused fundraising, to a more strategic and donor-centric option that is represented by a major donor program. Discover different social enterprise avenues and explore successful revenue-generating opportunities. Richard will introduce you to a PLAID™ driven major donor campaign used to engage high net-worth individuals; to a strategically focused corporate sponsorship program; a “MicroCampaign” that targets raising $100,000 in ten weeks; how to use a “Table for Ei8ht™” to increase community engagement; or a new revenue source centered on social enterprise.

If fundraising is new to you, or if you are an established fundraiser, this webinar will add new tools to your toolbox.

Webinar - Fundraising in a Post-Pandemic World

  • December 2, 2020