Having trouble with youth engagement?  Using Two Rivers Gallery’s MakerLab Youth Immersion program as a case study this presentation will focus on some of the challenges involved when working with youth aged 15-20, some of whom are considered at-risk, and many of whom self-identify as Indigenous. It will focus on problems our organization has had with youth recruitment, retention, and engagement while providing tips to overcome some of these challenges.

MakerLab Youth Immersion, an extension of Two Rivers Gallery’s MakerLab program is a 10-month long after school program aimed at attracting an under-reached and underserved audience, while stimulating the young Maker community of Prince George. The program advances knowledge of the Maker Movement, First Nations culture and design, new technologies and traditional artistry and craft. It provides opportunities for intergenerational learning, with youth learning from Elders, and vice versa and has brought a new audience into our gallery. We could not be more pleased with the results of this program: the lasting relationships the Gallery and mentors have made with a wonderful group of young Makers, the strengthening of our relationship with the local Indigenous community, and the ever growing community of Makers within Prince George.


Aisha Hamis studied Arts Management and Art History at the University of Toronto. Her love of art, history and teaching led her to complete her Masters in Art Museum and Gallery Education at Newcastle University. Since then she has been working in the arts and culture sector developing and delivering education programs to adults and children of all ages on topics ranging from medieval history, aerial images of Britain, to Canadian contemporary art. Currently Aisha works as a Public Programmer at Two Rivers Gallery.

BCMA Webinar #12 - Overcoming Challenges of Recruitment & Retention in Youth Programming

  • Tuesday Apr 17 2018, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM