There is no doubt that the workplace you enter today may look very different than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. While many tourism and hospitality employers in BC continue to hire, many have been impacted by the pandemic and as a result, have adjusted their way of doing business and in some cases how they are hiring.

Many employers have created new and different positions or adjusted job responsibilities, others have moved meetings to a digital platform and video job interviews are the new normal. As a job candidate, are you ready to enter this new recruitment landscape?

Are you interested in working in the BC tourism and hospitality industry? Do you know how to sell your skills and make your resume stand out from the crowd? Are you comfortable using a microphone, video chat and other online meeting tools?

If not, it is time to brush up on your skills so you are confident when talking to employers about your next job opportunity. Join Ginger Brunner, Regional HR Specialist with go2HR and who will share practical tips and resources to help get you started.

Resume & Interviewing Tips for Tourism & Hospitality Jobs

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  • December 9, 2020